Online Sikh Wedding Cards

For every Indian, wedding is the event of a lifetime. All Indians look forward to be a part of the marriage functions, rituals and ceremonies. Exclusive, well designed and coordinated wedding cards can work wonders and set the right tone for this auspicious ceremony.

In the Sikh community, marriage is recognized as an event where two souls merge. And in the prelude to marriage life, it means merging of two families and friend circles. Sikh marriage ceremonies are well known for their spirit of extravagance in terms of food, clothes and dance. A Sikh marriage ceremony lasts for nearly a week celebrating joyous activities like Mehndi, Cocktails, Sangeet Night, and so on. Sikh wedding cards are unique and exquisitely alluring. These are available in a wide range from simple and elegant to flamboyantly styled ones. Some are even tailor made for adding gaiety and splendor to the occasion.

The Sikh wedding cards come in a wide variety of colors, studded with kundans. Some cards contain messages from their holy book, Adi Granth (also known as Guru Granth Sahib). Like normal Indian wedding cards, these also come in varied styles, colors and designs. The customs followed by the Sikhs are more or less similar to those followed by the Hindus. These marriage ceremonies are conducted in a traditional manner, keeping alive the old rituals and culture. For fulfilling the occasion and to end it happily, immense planning and preparations are needed to be done. Planning includes many things like- organizing the occasion, decoration of mandap, making wedding dresses, finalizing the menu list, inviting and taking care of the guests, and so on. Of these things what is of the most importance to a Sikh? Wedding invitations, of course!

The Sikh wedding invitations are not only some messages written on pieces of paper. Each style has attractive color, distinctive feature and unmatched finish. This form of invitation has become a signature of many weddings around the world. The cards are made from art sheet, handmade silk paper and other materials.